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Hey Thomas! Good to know I am not alone but then again not good…I wouldn’t wish this upon even my worst enemy.

It sounds like you have had your share of the battle too. It’s unfortunate how expensive trying to cure this thing can be. And here in the states, it seems every doctor I have been to about this seems to brush it off. They just want to prescribe more medicines…which I believe is what got me in this mess in the first place.

You see, When I was a newborn my mother said that the hospital they took me to didn’t recognize my asthma for what it was (asthma) and instead mis-diagnosed me with bronchitis and even at one point said they thought they saw a tumor in my lungs on an xray..which come to find out was phlegm…Luckily doctors know a little more about asthma now. I was lucky I didn’t die. Anyway, a majority of my childhood was spent on prednisones and antibiotics. Even in my highschool days I was prone to getting horrible sinus infections and the doctor I had, prescribed me antibiotics like they were candy.
It wasn’t til recently that my mom asked me to research taking Garlic on a daily basis…I thought that was weird but researched it and it ended up bringing me to a disorder called Candida overgrowth.
So here I am…

So my question is, you said you have been fighting this for a year. Have you followed this particular regimen for a whole year?

I am really curious about the itchy-ness and peeling dry skin. I keep thinking it is candida die-off but at the same time (like you said) I am wondering if it is my body telling me not to eat certain things since I am in the phase of reintroducing foods.

Thanks for your story and letting me know I am not alone in this…kind of a scary feeling, huh?

You said your stomach starts hurting occasionally….Are you taking threelac/fivelac probiotics? I hope I am not wasting money on this product =/