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Hi xxidkidxx,

hi mate, I hear you and I want to tell you that you are not alone. One year ago I started the battle, I cut out all grains, all milk products. That was my first steps.
Did it help. No. I then looked around for a candida special diet and found one where the focus was to eat fat and meat. Did it help no. The strange thing was that I felt in the beginning good. I dont know why but then suddenly everything turned around and even with the candida meat and fat diet I started to feel worse. One night I woke up with a body totally freaking out and I noticed I had a panic attack for the first time in my life. It was terrible.

In desperation I searched and found this group here. Learnt a lot what went wrong with my fat and meat diet and thought that I would have the key. I re-booted my battle against candida in two ways. Going to the normal doctor and checking me through if there is something with the heart, cancer or whatever. I decided if they don’t find anything I will go on with the diet because of my history and the symptoms it looks very strong that I have candida. First I thought I had low sugar or low blood pressure or a higher heart rate. No nothing. But still I was feeling terrible.

I started with the forums/ables and rasters diet on the 30.10. I had all the time my symptoms and problems but it looked like that they where much softer and everything turned to the better. Then I experienced even a day or two of nearly total symptom free times. I was all up in hope and happiness. But then it fell down mightily. I started to feel terrible again and didn’t understand the ups and downs. I thought that I would feel bad for a week or two and then that I slowly get out of the hole. But for me its ups and downs all the time within a time frame of hours or even minutes. Its like sitting in a boat in storm. Then I really needed a break of the battle and stopped the anti fungals. I felt better again for a day or two only to plump down into the war of symptoms again.

Its a strange battle and I would wish that we share more of the symptoms of the die-off and gain more knowledge about it. I am quite confused about it myself. Is it die-off or not. Is it something else like a food allergy. We know that there is die-off coming but I noticed that we are all quite confused what it means and how to read the signs. I know that I would feel much better if I would know where I am in this battle.

For me its like this: Most of the time I have brain fog. Sometimes very bad and then very light. There are moments when I noticed oh boy there is no brain fog and no dizziness but its more like I noticed when its not there than I would be shocked to feel dizzy or brain fog. My symptoms turn around and around. Yesterday I had all day this brainfog, heart heart palpitations and strange tingling under my skin. ( I guess adrenalin or histamin or whatever). Then in the evening suddenly they disappeared and I thought oh great so nice can life be. That lasted for 10 minutes when my stomach filled up with air and I had stomach pains. And the skin around my anus started itching.

I really wondered why its going around and around. It feels like being in a battle where the enemy has surrounded me. Attacking from here or there.
Right now I have dizziness and little hear palpitations.

A tip for you: You might consider not taking so much anti fungals together. For you the diet might be enough as a start, then you take the grapefruit-seed extract for 2 weeks. Starting with one glass and few drops a day building it up to 3 glass of water with 25 drops a day. After 2 weeks you change to oil of oregano but don’t take them all together.

you are not alone mate,
all the best to you