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I know a local woman who has cured herself back in the 1980s using a diet and boosting her immune system. She eats what she wants now. She is the mother of one of my closest friends.

Dvjorge is symptom free for` some months now, using enemas, diet, keifer, and boosting his immune system with allergy shots and supplements. He is drinking beer and eating western foods, but he is reserving the word “cured” until more months have passed with no relapse.

Able900 has the longest tenure as being “cured” (as far as online users that come back to these forums are concerned). The world is full of people who have cured themselves that don’t live on the internet. The world is also full of people who have decided to just eat the anticandida diet as a permanent lifestyle change.

Then you have participants that haven’t stuck exactly to a given protocol or treatment, such as myself and Raster. Raster is close to symptom free, but from what I can tell he is one of the few people that is honest that he ventures off the diet from time to time, smokes cigarettes and is trying to quit, and used to smoke weed during his treatment before recently quitting. I personally have noticed that if I don’t smoke, my body heals much faster. I have struggled with smoking and cheating during the treatment, and I just now have recommitted myself to stay strictly on the protocol to reach a symptom free state.

The forum protocol is designed to get a sufferer to a “symptom-free” state. The word “cured” means different things to different people, and everyone’s case is unique and might have underlaying health issues besides Canddia that may need to be addressed once they are symptom free or close to it (i.e. mercury, etc.)

Able has been symptom free for almost 18 months, and has reintroduced foods in moderation and keeps his sugar intake to a minimum. But he enjoys wine, fried chicken, peanut butter, chicken salad, egg salad, beans, meat, seafood, hummus, eating out at restaurants 5-7 times a week, etc. He can work out and exercise daily, and experiences a complete healthy body and mind. That is success to me. That is all I want as of right now. Able’s Success Story Dec. 2011

Now, if Jorge is successful in eating western foods and drinking beer regularly for 6 months to a year and has no relapses, then he will have “proven” his protocol.

Make no bones about the protocol designed here on the forum, it is meant to get you symptom free. The word “cured” is up to you and your own journey of health.

The sample data is small because it’s not a controlled experiment, and nobody is monitoring the participants. The protocols on the web vary GREATLY. People have spent entire years trying to cure themselves and they were eating nuts and meats daily, getting them nowhere, taking useless probiotics like threelac and worthless supplements from corrupt companies.

I chose to pick a “proven” protocol and conduct my own experiment. I’ve picked this forum’s protocol because it makes sense to me and is basic. If you want to take longer to get to symptom free, then by all means eat almonds and quinoa and rice and butter and meat daily. For me personally, I just want to be symptom free sooner rather than later, so I avoid those items because they feed the fungus.