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svetochka;53040 wrote: I have had Candida (b/c of antibiotics and lots of candy) for the past couple of years .. and finally a doctor told me that I have Candida. I drank Nystatin for a two weeks, and somewhere in the middle I was experiencing die-off symptoms. I guess I ate something not knowing it had wheat and my candida came back INSTANTLY. What do I do? My doctor is half way across the world and I don’t really have anybody to ask other than this forum.

Also, even though I’m still on my diet now (basically eating buckwheat and apples)… I felt a lot better before this stage. While I was on Nystatin, I always had a lot of energy. Now I am always upset [about everything]. I see food that I can’t have and get sad. Living without the foods I can’t have makes me have a permanent ball-in-my-throat-feeling. I can’t live without sugar/bread and it’s getting SO hard to stick to the diet. Am I just delusional about my candida coming back and I’m still on die-off (hahaha, maybe)?

Thank you!

Read my original thread, because I was like you-
freaking out that sugar would be out of my life indefinitely.

I did a boatload of research, to support my lifestyle of simple sugar consumption.
Sugar didnt CAUSE my candida; but it sure as hell doesnt help!

I think I was originally in a more depressing situation than you, because I live on sugar.
I dont eat meat. I dont consume dairy. I take in NO animal products what so ever.

That leaves fruits and vegetables,seeds and nuts.

This should show you that even on my super clean diet, you can still get candida overgrowth if there is an underlying health issue that needs addressing.

If you read my thread, you might find some hope that things can get back to normal for you relatively soon,depending on how strict and badass you can be for a few weeks.
After the strictness, you can ease up and clean out with fruits and veggies.

I was super depressed reading how people are on this lousy low carb diet for years.
AINT NO WAY thats going to be me, and I have doctors that concur with my theory.

Anyhoo, good luck to you. Research. It isnt all bad I promise.