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Hi mazz,

I am not a big expert on getting rid of candida (yet!) but I am a mother who breastfed her kids and have some knowledge about the right nutrition while breastfeeding.

My advice to you is, don’t add more stress to your life than you already have. I did that as I am living in a country where a lot of the items needed for the treatment are not available. You probably already know, stress is not good for you, baby or the treatment. Start slow. First get rid of everything from your diet that you know is bad or will feed candida (such as sugar, yeast etc.). Then look at everything suggested to eat and try to make a meal plan out of it. It will be tough in the beginning until you figure out what to eat throughout the day. Don’t stress about organic. It is much better if you have it, but if you don’t there is nothing you can do about it. I rarely find anything organic where I am.

As you probably already know, what’s very important is that you take in enough nutrients which you are also passing on to the little one, and not to damage yourself of course. You also must be careful about what you pass into the milk and nobody will be able to tell you what a safe amount of any supplement while breastfeeding is besides of prenatal vitamins. Be extra careful of any supplements you plan to take.

It will be tough for you to do the diet without milk/dairy and breastfeed. Do you have access to kefir grains? I think that home made kefir would be one of the very important things for you to include for two reasons. One is that it would give you calcium and protein you need (among other good stuff) and at the same time it is very important for treatment because it’s very good probiotic.

I don’t know how tough your symptoms are, but I was pretty sick when my candida infestation culminated and “days from hell” lasted for four months. Even though I started the diet wrong (I followed the web site diet first and ate a lot of meat which is not good for detox phase), I still felt better after initial die off. I didn’t do the cleanse either since I am single mom working full time so no time to take it easy. I learned how to deal with die off (drinking tons of water really and lemon water three times a day really helps), and I modified the diet once I realized I was not feeling ill because I was hungry but because of the die off.

So what I am saying is that if you manage to change your diet close to what is suggested here it might help anyway. And perhaps wait until you stop breastfeeding to attack “the beast” with all you got. One thing I am concerned about is that change in your diet might still trigger the die off reaction and once these toxins start getting released, will any end up in your milk? How old is your baby and how much longer do you plan to breastfeed? Are you close to the stopping? If yes, perhaps you can wait until you finish breastfeeding?

One more advice I have. Your body is recovering from birth and it still is tough for you while you are breastfeeding so be careful and slowly adjust your diet. One more thing that does not go in your favor is caring for a baby and probably lack of sleep. I know it’s tough but you must find time to rest as well. My candida started to take over after I had my twin girls as I forgot to take care of myself paired up with few rounds of antibiotics.

As far as nutrition, with lots of different vegetables, some chicken, young fish and eggs you should be able to feed yourself and your little one for a short while. You have all the good stuff in the diet, only thing is that you have less are calories so you need to find a way to get the extra calories in. Maybe more meals? I ate brown rice when I started the diet and still I got die-off. Some other members ate brown rice as well while on diet.

So don’t rush, your chance to do this will not go anywhere and you can do it whenever you want and it’s up to you to decide how to do it. Read up on it as much as you can, educate yourself about all the options you have and make a plan for yourself and start the diet when you feel you investigated it well enough.

Good luck to you and I hope this works out for you!