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Doesn’t even take sex..yes, it can be aggravated through sexual contact.

My birds and I used to be very close, “give me a kiss” and shared a lot of time in close quarters. I’ve since surrendered them for our combined best life/health interests, as heart breaking as it was to pass them forward (they are in the best hands now). They had proven yeast/fungal issues and we didn’t have sex. Soooo, there’s that…research or no, it’s truth….

I’ve read blogs where couples claim to have passed it back and forth for decades.

However, candida isn’t a plague….CRC is an overgrowth of something naturally found everywhere. It’s what makes fruit rot. It’s part of nature. Always has been. Always will be. This is not something new. Was probably on earth before man. Baby’s have had oral thrush since the beginning of time. Somehow, all our systems got out of balance which allowed Candida to get out of balance and overgrow (if it got out of balance and under-grew I doubt any of us would even know the word candida). As candida grows out of harmony it gradually compromises the immune system, which is common with CRC.

Rock, you ask a smart question(s)…….and what a loving man to worry about your ex….

Rock on…..