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Hello nai16,

Can you please report if your auto-immune symptoms changed after treating leaky gut?

Also, I wanted to ask you about your symptoms. I googled your condition and it does not mention blockage of sinuses. I did have that but it is mostly gone after maintaining a strict diet for 5 months. It does come back when I eat something wrong, but I should say that I did not finish my treatment due to other symptoms that came up. Currently I am on web site’s diet with lots of protein (unfortunately it seems that nothing but fatty meat/fatty fish will keep my muscles in decent shape) and about two dinner plates of dark green leafy veggies and about a plate of colored veggies (kind of combined this diet with Dr. Wahls who got herself up after being bedridden with MS). I was diagnosed with Polymiosits, auto-immune disease where your body attacks muscle tissue. Now, some symptoms are not typical, I do have muscle pain occasionally besides the weakness, and sometimes my muscles are weak right from the morning, not only at the end of the day. Blood test did not confirm the diagnosis, but the EMG did (according to doctors). I was trying to get the muscle biopsy test done, but my cousin who is also a pathologist said that it does not actually confirm the disease because it differs greatly from spot to spot to where the sample was taken. A cm away disease could be shown but on another centimeter it may not exist so it’s a lottery what I understand.

Finally getting to my question. I have muscle weakness in arms and legs and sinus blockage (very bad before, now just sometimes after eating more of carbs than I should) which you stated have as well. I do not think that I have any problem with eye muscle, my eyelids are not drooping, but my eyes do get tired during the day although I stare at computer screen for living so… Can you please describe your symptoms a little more? I worry that I was misdiagnosed (what a surprise) so this is why I ask.

I am not taking corticosteroids prescribed and finally I got a naturopathic doctor and nutritionist recommended to me so I will try to get myself back in shape this way.

Thank you in advance for responding!