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Hello Bunda,

I have followed the web site diet ( not The “strict” one) for about 7-8 weeks quite strictly, including the antifungal and probiotic treatment, and I belive that i have managed to defeat my candida problem. I had die off symptoms for several weeks, unlike the shorter experience of other people, and when they started to abate was when i came off my diet. I had since a blood test done and candida came up just barely positive, but my naturopath reckoned that this is probably a fade-off effect not to worry about. Certainly my thrush has disappeared and i feel a lot better.

Getting to your question, though, my MG symptoms have remained the same. I have, however, also found out through variuos blood and sugar intake tests that i also suffer from “leaky gut syndrome”, of which you probably have heard already in this website. The implications of this is that foreign particles are leaking into my bloodstream and possibly triggering auto- immune reactions, which obviously is very likely to have an interplay with the MG. i have found a place in Melbourne that has sent me a set of supplements and dietary instructions to combat the leaky gut specifically, a treatment that will take about 8 weeks. I am on a holiday at the moment, but in a few weeks i will tackle this problem next, and then see if it affects/ improves my myasthenia. If you like, i will report back to you on the results.

I hope this helped! Do you also suffer from MG? If yes, how is yours going?

All the best,