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It sounds like these are fairly typical die-off symptoms. I experienced many, if not all of the symptoms you mentioned. The reason we recommend natural antifungals is to speed up the process of killing the candida so that the die-off period is as short as possible. Since you cannot get these strong ones in Bosnia, the weaker natural ones work just fine.

All veggies from the onion family have antifungal properties, natural oils such as olive oil/coconut oil/cod liver oil/castor oil also have antifungal properties. Probiotics and the diet alone can cause die-off. Sounds like things are progressing just fine.

If you cannot get molybdenum in Bosnia, there are alternative ways to help with die-off. One is to get any other anti-oxident supplement in general, these can help detox the toxins from the body. The other idea is to sweat out the toxins via steam room, sauna, hot tub, or even a hot bath…this can completely reduce or eliminate die-off symptoms.

Since you are doing things in a more natural “slower” way, the die-off can persist for a longer period of time. It could last over a month or longer depending on the strength.

If you can purchase anything online to fight candida, I would consider getting some SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne research, a strong high strain high count probiotic (we recommend ones with DDS-1), teff flour (for weight gain), and coconut oil.

If you have any kind of african or ethiopian market or restaurant, you should look into teff for weight gain properties. You can make a good nutritious bread if you combine it with almond meal, coconut flour, or buckwheat flour (or even rice bran if you aren’t allergic).

I would try to eat more foods if possible from the allowed foods list as well. Try your best to eat 3-4 course meals.