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I realized my post is way to long so I wanted to clarify my question. I skipped the detox (single mom with small kids makes it impossible to do) and now I’m two weeks into the strict diet. My current symptoms are: dizziness, lightheaded, numbing of hands/legs – weakness in them, elevated heartbeats, tiredness, occasional moodiness, soft stools (sometimes), itchy skin, extremely dry skin, dry/patchy skin on hands especially between fingers and braking skin, occasional pain under ribs on left side or little lower on the right side (I do have some sand in left kidney), extremely dry mouth feeling of not having any saliva produced (it gets better throughout the day) and constant thirst that cannot be quenched as if I ate lot of salt which I don’t.

Now, most of these are listed as the die-off symptoms but I am worried about the weakness in the muscles and numbing of my arms and legs, especially if I cross my legs my foot will fall asleep very quickly.

Has anyone experienced this during die-off? And more importantly, besides taking probiotic and drinking Kefir, I am not taking any angi-fungal supplements so I didn’t really expect the die-off. Is that possible?