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I used a little bit of the quinoa flour last night to bread some chicken nuggets and fry them in olive oil. I actually feel much better today (less shaky and tired).

I also started eating some Fage 2% (Greek yogurt). It tastes like sour cream, which is one of my favs. I’m going to start dipping my veggies in it. How much yogurt per day to enough or too much? I also read somewhere to let it set out and get kinda warm before you eat eat because then the bacterica can actually start to multiply in it naturally. Does that sound right or just like someone’s BS?

I started the Coconut Oil too yesterday, had one Tbsp yesterday and one this morning, but no further die off symptoms, like I said, I feel much better, will it take a few days for those to kick-in? Other than this dang rash thing I feel good. How do I know if it is indeed a yeast infection in my armpit or just a rash? Should I treat it or just let it be?

Sorry for all the random questions. You guys are a ton of help.