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A white fur-like coating on the tongue, bad breath and PND are all indications of a Candida infestation. The number of symptoms as well as the severity of the symptoms experienced depends on the degree of the infestation. A rather smallish infestation will not cause the strong and larger numbers of symptoms that a large infestation will, nonetheless, the cause is still the same for either; too many Candida albicans in the system.

The other symptoms you described having since you started the diet, poor digestion, tingling, bloating, fatigue and migraines can be symptoms of die-off as well as Candida albicans itself.

It would help to know exactly what you are eating on a daily basis, as well as what you may be eating occasionally.

By the way, you should stop taking the psyllium husks right away.
The experts here on the forum all advise against the detox drink suggested by the site because of the psyllium husk. A very negative thing about psyllium husk is that it’s very hard on the intestines because of the sharpness and hardness of the small shards of husks which can cause lacerations as it passes through the intestines which in turn can cause internal bleeding. In addition, it can also cause heavy bloating for some people.

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