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raster wrote: The burn for me would last 30mins to an hour or so at the most. If you are noticing symptoms after cheating, then this is your body letting you know that it isn’t a good thing to eat.

Hi raster,
I know that I was not cheating but today I was surprised to find out that my urin burned like hell. I started to pee and thought oh, my urine burns…what is that. Than the pain got stronger and stronger… until I thought I coulnt finish the job. Then after i finished the pain was over.

What is that? I didnt cheat at all! First time I get that reaction. And I have to say that I have for couple of days bad symptoms going around in my body. Have even diarrhoea, feeling of palpitation, attacks of depression and then lifting again, stomach pain going and coming. For two days it quite ok in the stomach but now it turns on the urine. What is that merry go round of symptoms. How did you got out of that raster? The trouble is that I dont find a pattern so I can understand it.