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mrs.candida;38486 wrote:

Mee Toooo! It’s the worst when you can’t think of a word to complete your sentence, you feel like the other person must think your crazy.

It sounds like you got in a funk mentally and it was die off. (YAY!)

I’m 31, I’m supposed to be in my peak with a family and a career and all that crap, and instead I’m living in poverty with a disease that doctors don’t even acknowledge, surrounded by half-assed unfinished projects and ideas.

Well, that’s where I was at age 31. The good news it that you won’t still be there at my age (36) because your winning your battle with Candia now.

Yeah, it’s just hard for me to even talk to people that don’t understand what it’s like to either have or be around someone that has a chronic condition that makes them braindead sometimes :p I can only fake normal for a few minutes before it becomes pretty obvious that I’ve got some problems.

Thanks, and I know you’ll get through this too! When you come back to Portland, we can go celebrate our awesome, healthy lives together at the farmer’s market 😉