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I hear ya Alex this happens 2 me quite often and is embarrassing ! I’ve noticed at work since starting all this I have made a ton of mistakes and I’m just to weak to do my job.

While I’ve told my coworkers I have health problems they do not understand & also I really don’t pull my wt anymore eitheir I do the absolute minimum at work now and try not to feel guilty about it. I just keep hoping for that day when ill have the energy to whisk thru the night like I used 2 .

Yesterday was an aweful work might for me a pateint fell out of bed literally 20 mins after I’d checkd on her and smashed her face in.

I have not seem that much blood in a long time & didn’t know what 2 do when I found her so I yells fuk!!! Over & over and got a few nurses in fast
we didn’t know where the blood was coming from she was drenched and it wouldn’t stop. I have the dirty job of cleaning it with help ofcourse but just keeps coming it was crazy and I felt stupid as I had no idea what to do.

Eventually we found out she fracture her skull and face is completely bashed in to. I don’t know how that happened and feel horrible!

My hubby teases me cuz I never remember anything to sux I have a feeling brain fog takes a long time to get over. Hope u feel better