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I think, as is often said, everyone reacts differently, and Candida is not homogenous in its pathology. I, too, have given up buckwheat. I love it, but I am convinced my Candida was breakfasting on it. Indeed, I began to be concerned when I added it in after the cleanse because it abruptly ended my most intense die off and my heart burn came back. I have been in a die off limbo for 6 months, and cannot say confidently that I’m getting any better (despite the cleanest of diets – alas, no rice!!).

After giving it up, I had intense cravings for it and anything yeasty and sugary. Furthermore, since giving it up my tongue seems less coated after breakfast. My die off over the past few weeks has been more difficult than it has for 6 months.

The point is clear: Candida really do adapt to anything. In my case, I’ve been eating buckwheat for years; and I suspect that Candida adapted to the food during an unsuccessful attempt to clear out the Candida before I found the forum. I was eating a less strict diet (i.e. one including brown rice and the controversial quinoa) and merely stayed on caprylic acid. I think I was merely mowing the tops off weeds that got progressively stronger. I now have the toughest of infections.

Treat your body as unique, and I think you’ve got the best chance of recovering. With that said, any strain of Candida will thank you for rice (and anything else with starch in) to a greater extent than a seed (i.e. buckwheat). I think people’s desire to eat dodgy foods is a measure of just how tortuous this process is; but indulgence along the way gives rise to a pyric victory long term.