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Personally, I know the forum recommends buckwheat, but I keep on finding that is doesn’t agree with me. I do eat brown rice on occasion, but not all the time. I just try to watch my serving. Also, I eat quinoa flakes every once in a blue moon for breakfast (still not quite sure about the quinoa though either). It believe it is just trial and error on what works for people anymore. I still follow a lot of the suggestions on this forum, and I believe I have progressed a little bit now by following the diet as closely as possible. I admit, I have slip-ups, and I am not perfect, but I have incorporated a lot more veggies in my diet (increased probiotics, etc.); do not eat meat as much (mainly turkey, chicken, fish here and there). I eat more egg whites, can’t handle eggs, eggs all the time. Mainly I try to switch it up.

Hope, I haven’t tried the noodles yet on buckwheat. I have been afraid, too because I am still sort of iffy about it. I guess if you say they aren’t too bad, then I should try it.

Good luck Ryan!