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Able900 wrote:

So brown rice bran flour is allowed? what stage of the diet?

On the stricter version of the diet, rice bran can be tested two-weeks into the diet.
Test Food: The first time you try a test food you should have only two to three bites. This amount is important since you’re going to be watching for a reaction from the food. The second day, providing you’ve had no reactions at all, you can have three bites. If on the third day, you still have not experienced any reactions at all, you can eat from 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup, however, each time you eat the food you should watch for reactions since food allergies can occur at any time if you have “Leaky Guy Syndrome.” If allergic reactions occur, you should stop eating the food immediately and not attempt to eat it again for two more weeks.

Be sure to use only the type that is shown on the links above in the other posts.


I’m struggling to source those products. How’s this one:

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