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Thank you for the links and support, Able! I don’t feel that I could handle a low calorie diet at this stage. I need about 3000 calories per day to breastfeed my son. If I understand the links correctly, I would be allowed only proteins and vegetables on the cleanse and first 2 weeks of the diet…I can’t imagine eating 3000 calories from chicken, eggs and salads. From the main web page I understood I would also be able to eat olive and coconut oil and non glutinous grains which would not be a very exciting diet but at least allow me to get the calories I need to breastfeed during the diet.

I am also a bit wary of the supplements which could pass into the breast milk and to be honest on the broken sleep I get each night I am just not able to get my head round what they are called here in Germany, where to buy them or whether they might be safe. I am a bit short on money and time so I am just going to start with the ingredients I can obtain easily.

That would be a glass of warm water and lemon squeezes during the day, and the protein foods and plenty of green veg with brown rice, millet and quinoa, and olive oil to bulk up the calories. That should be an improvement over a junk food diet which I admit I am guilty of from time to time. Does that sound like it might work?