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Thanks to everyone that responded here, it is great to get an insight.

To give you an idea of my issues, I’ve had ‘stomach issues’ for nearly three years.

In Jan 2009 I changed companies and worked for the most horrid person, it was the worse stress I can explain. I would gorge on chocolate every night uncontrollably as part of the stress. It was awful. This person was sacked in June 2009 and I managed to get my stress under control by December, IE no more gorging on chocolate.

From Jan 2010 moving forward I would get these odd bloating issues in my stomach. For 18 months I went from doctor to doctor, test to test and nothing could be found. A number of doctors told me it was in my head and it was more than likely depression. I really didn’t think that was the case though. Severe brainfog kicked in at around June and really put a stop on my life altogether.

So a in Jan 2012 I decided to see a nutritionist. All the doctors said my body was physically fine, so it must be something I was putting in to it causing these symptoms. I had a number of tests and was told I have Candida. My nutritionist put me on her candida diet, but it wasn’t that great, still far too much sugar. So I am now following Able’s and the forums candida diet and I have seen improvement already. The road is still long, but for the first time in a very long time, I see light ahead.