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benc wrote: At worst i’ve felt like my brain was shaking inside my skull – a hazy, dizzy sort of vision. If anyone has ever sat or stood on a powerplate at full resistance its that sort of sensation. I’ve also blacked out with it, quite a while back now.

At best, its felt like I had a few drinks at lunch time & walked out into a busy area + afternoon fatigue.

In my case I do have an imbalance in my vestibular system, i’m not sure if candida is responsible for this, but its generally improved since I started treating myself for this (although I still have some days where I notice it, but no regression)

Hi mate,
the brain guts connection is well known for over 100 years. I will quote from the book Breaking the vcious cycle:

Celiac specialists, as early as 1908, had begun reporting evidence that some patients who suffered extended periods of diarrhea and malabsorption were also showing degeneration of the brain, spinal cord, and other groups of nervous tissue.
This deterioration of the nervous system in celiac disease was attributed to the patients inability to absorb essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, due to insjuries to the intestinal tract accompanying the disease. ——

Some forms of paralysis and types of psychiatric disorders were shown to be the result of nutrient deprivation which is known to be caused by malabsorption during intestinal disease.

When Elain Gottschall healed the guts of her daughter through her diet, the first signs of healing where that the daugthers seizures and delirium states stopped.

If there is a overgrowth of fungus and bacteria in the intestines the guts will have to protect itself through increase of mucus production. The layer of mucus hinders the enzymes to digest the disaccharides – the double sugars. The cells are than lacking engery, the immunesystem weakens and the fungus and bacteria is eating what your body cant digest. The result is a overproduction of bacteria and fungus while you cells are malnutritioned because of malabsorption. Fermentation gases and toxins will make you drunk and sick, deppression, anexity, panic attacks, seizures and even schizophrenia are possible.

…quote: True schizophrnia (and not only some schizophrenic syndromes) appears to be the result of chronic intoxication from psychotoxic factors produced in the intestine. (The biological basis of Schizophrenia by W H. Hemmings University Park Press Baltimore)

Simply put, you heal your guts and everything comes into balance!