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matthewmoore3;58694 wrote: excuse if i ask anything silly..

Nothing is silly. This forum’s very purpose is to share information and to educate. Ask any question you like, that’s why this forum exists.

matthewmoore3;58694 wrote: going by what is said so far it seems if candida is in the bloodstream that is highly dangerous, fatal etc..


matthewmoore3;58694 wrote: but this is rare (i dont suspect my girlfriend has this, im just interested to work these things out)


matthewmoore3;58694 wrote: but then it is suggested antigens for candida can be in the bloodstream and i assume this is more normal and usual?


matthewmoore3;58694 wrote: if this is so what is the difference between what we may call candida itself (would we call this pathogen?) and candida antigens..

Candida is the beast. Antigens are substances that the body produces in order to attack the beast.

matthewmoore3;58694 wrote: would a raised antibody level both fight the candida in the body in general and antigens in the bloodsteam?

If antigens against candida are found, it means that candida (“the beast”) is somewhere in the body, and that the body is fighting it.

It does not say where the candida is.

It also does not say whether the fight against candida is successful.

  • If the fight is successful, you’ll have increased amounts of antigens as long as the fight is going on, and some time afterward. Then, some time after the candida went away, the antigen levels drop to normal levels.
  • If the fight in moderately successful, such that the candida remains present but its numbers are kept in check, you will have increased levels of antigens during the entire time.
  • If the fight is not successful and candida is winning, you will also have increased levels of antigens, because the body keeps fighting even if it is losing.

For many infections, the types if IgX and their levels indicate which infection is being fought by the body. But I do not know which antigen levels are raised to which levels in case of a candida problem.

I hope this helps clarifying what’s happening.