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non of my teas have caffeine. I mostly have peppermint, dandelion, redbush, lemon and ginger (but now i’m cutting out ginger) and I make my own chai with cardamon,nutmeg,cinnamon,cloves – i think all those things are good right?

tulsi is great – it is very well renowned in India for being beneficial.

In some ways I have to be careful about being too strict I think, because I don’t always have control over what I eat. for example, next year I will be working in Kyrgyzstan, living with a local family, where I will eat whatever is being offered to me. So I am frightened of being really strict and then in effect bingeing. Although, I have to say this isn’t an excuse for my mistakes so far!

Also, I don’t think I am reacting to stevia as I didnt’ use it for the first around 6 weeks of the diet – and I saw no difference between having it and not – and sometimes I go for days without having it.