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Hi Alea,

I am far from a Candida expert as I have only been on the diet a month and am still reading and learning from the posts of others here.

From what I have read from other posters on the forum though it sounds as though you are reacting to the grains, nuts and seeds in your diet. Raster told me the other day that I shouldn’t move on to stage 2 of the diet (adding foods other than veg, eggs, white meat and fish and coconut bread etc) until I had been completely clear of symptoms and die-off for “multiple weeks”.

You may have gone through this stage well already and have since added the other elements to your diet. Did you do this very gradually with each seperate new food and wait to see if you had a reaction? I do know that nuts, seeds and any grain (including millet and quinoa) could be feeding candida if you still have some there. Able told me that although Buckwheat is not stricly a grain, it would be best to leave this out for a few weeks-a month before introducing it.

It may be best to go back to the simple diet for a few weeks to see if that makes a difference. Then you could slowly add things back in.

I’m not sure what others would say. Maybe some of the ‘experts’ will have further and fuller advice.

The best of luck though!