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I used to have bleeding gums for a long time. That’s years ago now, but it was a real problem back then.

My gums were swollen only occasionally. Sometimes, something like a whitish swollen “dot” would appear on the gums.

In my case, the problem was partly in oral hygiene, and mostly in the way I brushed my teeth.

I improved my oral hygiene by asking the dentist and the dental hygienist (don’t know the proper translation in English – that’s what this person is called in my language) for help. Most of the improvement came from using special toothpicks for cleaning the interdental spaces. I also started using tiny toothpick-shaped brushes.

I also changed my brushing habits. I brushed from left to right, applying quite some pressure. I changed that into brushing top-bottom, and applying almost no pressure at all. Using an electric toothbrush helped a lot, though I could have achieved my goal using an ordinary hand brush.

My gums are never swollen now. I never see the whitish dots. Bleeding gums are an exception, I think I see a tiny amount of blood once every two years.

I strongly advise you to consult a caring dentist, or a dental hygienist if that exists in your country.