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Vegan Catlady
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Bansaw;53372 wrote:

I come from a background of herbalism. I drink herbal teas everyday, but got away from it for quite a few years until this candida issue ( I took 4 different antibiotics at once 🙁 )
If you want my opinion,

With this said, just drinking some tasty detox-teas ( for the liver,kidneys,lymph,adrenal-building,ect ) a few times a day with a nice clean diet will begin to reverse any damage that making poor choices does.
But this is just my opinion, coming from my experiences.

I think collectively we got to move our lymph, clear our kidneys, and support our adrenals.
Then our immune system feels empowered to attack projects that it had to shun due to being busy with dietary toxins 😀

Catlady,- what kind of detox teas do you use? I had a brush with Essiac tea and found it helpful with a stomach ulcer issue I was having. Thats a traditional detox tea. Along with GI BEnefits, I think it took away the ulcer problem.

What other detox teas do you recommend? I need to get my adrenals boosted.

I did kefir for a while with raw goats milk. Its a more broader probiotic than Kombucha, but the beauty of Kombucha is that it detoxes, has S.Boulardii in it (antagonistic to Candida) and helps a lot with digestion as well as having a respectable range of probiotic strains in it.
Kombucha is cheaper than kefir to make but takes more time. Kefir can be ready in 48 hrs.

The kombucha sounds great, but im going to pass until I feel more confident in my healing.

I heard there is a possible ( not probable) link with acidosis and Kombucha, which may be only slight-
but im a 5’1″ thinner gal and it doesnt take much for me to feel “off” .

So its my Bday tomorrow, and I was going to treat myself to Dr Morse’s “parasite M” to detox the candida.
I am familiar with most of the recipe so it doesnt seem like a risk for me, but its out of stock….so im going to take that as a sign that what im doing is fine for now 😀

The detox teas im drinking are found at the grocery store.

Yogi Tea detox for liver and kidney- there are like 3 versions of it, different herbs and flavors but I have only tried 2. One agrees with me very well, the other is just “meh” (the peach one).

The ingredients in these particular Yogi teas contain anti-fungals like cinnamon and clove, while also containing herbs that ease digestion and soften the edges of detoxing.
Most Yogi Teas also contain licorice root, which builds the adrenals 🙂

I also drink Yogi Teas Chai Rooibos. You’ll want to google many of the herbs that go into these formulas, as Yogi doesnt want to make any claims on their site and the herbs they choose are truly brilliant and synergistic!!!
Rooibos deserves a thread all on its own,lol. Then there is cinnamon, clove,ginger, cardamom, and stevia. Even my kids love it.

I do Yogi Teas Skin Detox. Its got the polyphenols of green tea (beats candida up!why green tea is awesome )honeybush (a fancy name for rooibose?) and 4 different roots that clean the blood,make the liver happy, and do literally a BUNCH of other awesome things.

One of the best ones is Yogi Immune Support.
There are studies showing that your body does NOT get used to Echinacea and the benefits it provides. It might be used to encourage an immune response, but it also happens to be a natural anti-fungal.
It also contains herbs with antifungal abilities like peppermint, lemongrass, cinnamon,and clove….also contains licorice root and astragalus for adrenals,liver-support,blood cleansers,the list goes on.

The only other tea I drink ( I know, I love variety) is Bigelow Lemon Ginger Plus Probiotics
which I do not take for the probiotics,lol. Im not convinced they survive a good boiling yet!
It has Lemongrass (antifungal),lemon peel, ginger,cinnamon, licorice root,and bacillus coagulans GBI-30.

As far as adrenals go, these teas are all I do.
If I wanted to make the adrenals my focus, i would go right to Gaia Herbs ( the brand I sold for years when I helped to manage an herb farm) because im confident in their efficacy.
more news on those 2 herbs:

I was working at the herb farm when the Essiac recipe first came out in the late 80’s,early 90’s.
We couldnt put it together fast enough to sell.
Recently they have found herbs that play together a little nicer than that formula, and achieve a quicker response, but I say do what your DRAWN to.