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Vegan Catlady
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Bansaw;53343 wrote:

2 things to share here:

When my candida overgrowth was at its worse, one of the only things I could eat was berries.
Frozen mixed-berry medley of rasp,blue,and blackberries. I still have a berry smoothie every day.

Thanks, Thats encouraging me to put some berries back in. I used to make a Kefir smoothie with berries but I added honey. THis was a while ago before I learned I had candida.
I think I’ll put some blackberries and blueberries back in there. Maybe event he odd strawberry.
I’m also eating nuts as a snack,- walnuts and almonds.

Now I am off Kefir, but drinking Kombucha because it has S.Boulardii in it. I’m trying to get the Ph right down so the sugar is converted. There is anecdotal evidence of Kombucha having anti-cancer properties. I don’t know about that, its the Boulardii that interests me. Actually about a year ago my doc did a stool test and was so impressed he asked me to bring some kefir in for him!

I am worried about the cancer-candida link, thats why I’m working to get this thing under control. What steps can I take now to avoid that? Detox properly etc etc…?

When I learned that what I had was candida, I didnt do much about it. It would leave for a while and then come back months later, but it always resolved so I didnt take it seriously.

When I first started posting in this forum, I had just had my worst candida attack ever.
( during the holidays I ate cookies and crackers and fat, not to mention I am a high-carber so eating FAT while you are high-carb keeps the sugar in the system circulating rather than being absorbed and used. After I ate all that, I had a meal of antifungals and didnt realize it, and had massive die off all at once. Thought I was going to DIE.)

Looking back on it, I can see how people can live their whole life on that cycle, never having enough die-off to think they should research it (doctors are zero help).
I would be more worried about people getting cancer that have no desire to take their health into their own hands than Id be worried about you 😉

Impressing a doctor with a stool test is impressive itself!
So I would worry less, enjoy your new direction more.

I come from a background of herbalism. I drink herbal teas everyday, but got away from it for quite a few years until this candida issue ( I took 4 different antibiotics at once 🙁 )
If you want my opinion,
I encourage LOTS of berries,like everyday. Pomegranate. Coconut yogurt.
I believe with all my heart that a diet rich in animal products (dairy)causes stagnation of the organs, acidosis, and screws with our hormones badly.
With this said, just drinking some tasty detox-teas ( for the liver,kidneys,lymph,adrenal-building,ect ) a few times a day with a nice clean diet will begin to reverse any damage that making poor choices does.
But this is just my opinion, coming from my experiences.

I think collectively we got to move our lymph, clear our kidneys, and support our adrenals.
Then our immune system feels empowered to attack projects that it had to shun due to being busy with dietary toxins 😀
Like getting our candida under control naturally.

Im going to try kefir,never had it! I love trying new things!!!! Thank you, Bansaw.