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Yes, this should be an every day topic in every candida forum.

It is the Th1/Th2 unbalance that doesn’t allow to cure chronic candidiasis. As simple as it !

People come to these forums looking for a diet, supplements, etc only to forget that the cure is to attack the root of the problem. It is here where Mercury plays a huge role. People with mercury toxicity caused by amalgams and other sources, never recover because they have an immune system stuck in a Th2 mode.

I have told it millions of times in the patient forums to alert sufferers about the problem.

Not only mercury but many factors that affects an immune balance must be corrected.

As this Dr said in the article, people with chronic candidiasis are as close as a bite of sugary food to get the infection back if they don’t balance the immune system. It is true, absolutely true. So, expending months treating candida without going to the root of the problem, is losing time and prolonging suffering.

By the way, great article. !