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I have thick yellow toenails for many years and doctors told me this was caused by nail polish!?!?!? I kind of knew it’s something else but didn’t know what it is and how to deal with it. When I had kids it got only worse and this is when my candida overgrowth got much worse. My toenails pretty much stopped growing too, I would cut other nails like 3-4 times before I would be able to trim a little off these nails. They got thicker and affected me wearing shoes so in time I started wearing only flat loose fitting shoes as it would bother me. I occasionally filed them down a little and always cover them with nail polish as they are disgusting.

I am on the treatment for 4 months and I see that better looking nail is slowly growing out. It’s not perfect yet, but much better looking than before and not nearly as thick.

I did used to file them down but I did not do anything to get rid of the fungus as I was not really sure what it was. Able gave me a good idea. Perhaps this will speed up the process a bit.

Able, when you file it down, it probably looks bad still and I guess the nail polish is out, right? I will be embarrassed wearing sandals with nails like that.