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Are you not considering the possibility that the silver itself is causing the liver pain? Argyria is just a ridiculous extreme that shouldn’t even exist in 2012. Don’t you think there may be in-betweens? Regardless of the side-effects, CS hasn’t been shown to have any benefit. You can knock anything that has nothing but anecdotes to back it, and you’d be unwise to use yourself as guinea pig. Someone might claim petrol cures the common cold. Are you going to Texaco with the sniffles, or are you going to critically analyse the evidence first?

Your homoeopath has no education that allows him/her to diagnose you with any health problem. I advise you to be extremely cautious when following their advice. These fields are very poorly regulated. They have no understanding of the biological sciences, let alone the complex interactions between the body and poorly understood pathogenic microbes. Just because MDs haven’t helped you, it doesn’t mean unqualified charlatans who sell liquids with no active ingredient at extortionist rates of profit have the answers. This is false dichotomy.

I advise you to learn what you can on this forum, and to never stop being critical. You don’t need to throw money at hacks claiming to have cure-alls and silver bullets. The sooner people stop supporting homoeopathy, the sooner it’ll do anyone interested in better health a favour and die.