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I thought that show was hosted by that MD with the lame haircut. He recommended colloidal silver? Is he going to be the UK’s Dr. Oz and start recommending homoeopathy or wacky unproven weight loss cures? These people are dangerous. You might want to consider another reason for your liver pain.

There’s a woman who has a page specifically about colloidal silver: She’s also quoted in this article about it. Wikipedia’s page on Medical uses of silver might be informative too.

Rosemary Jacobs wrote: Silver drugs were used by medical doctors before the advent of antibiotics. Although they didn’t work, they permanently turned many people blue and gray. The condition is called argyria. It was formerly common, and is well documented and understood by scientists.

If NDs had known as much about medicine as I, an educated consumer, do, they would have searched the medical literature before including anything in their formulary. If they had done that, they would have seen that: there are no studies showing that ingesting silver in any form or amount offers benefits; colloidal silver does not treat eye infections; taking silver internally or putting it in your eye can result in permanent discoloration.

Many things have been shown to kill microbes in vitro, but it doesn’t mean they’re safe/effective when ingested, and there’s no evidence supporting the use of colloidal silver. There is a decent amount showing that’s it’s incredibly harmful though, and you can see some case studies here, here and here.

The ingestion of colloidal silver appears to be an increasing practice among patients using alternative health practices. All silver-containing products including colloidal silver should be labeled with a clear warning to prevent argyria, especially in alternative health practices.