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I’m on third week of diet and I noticed that my breath is getting much better even after I eat raw garlic or onions 😀

I used to have a pretty bad breath and was addicted to gum and mint (luckily it was a sugar free or I would be doing much more damage). I also had a chronic cough and when I would cough whatever I cough out was smelly as well, and I felt that this smell was coming from my lungs and not just the stomach. Lungs are clear (had seen a doctor about it, ended up with antibiotic for bronchitis I don’t have, know this because nothing changed in lungs after antibiotic, everything else became much worse including the cough). I still have some coughing occasionally but only when I feel bad (probably the die-off related), but when I feel good I don’t have the cough or the bad breath (even in the morning ha!).

So I think it’s working. Probably long way from the total cure but some of these improvements – which probably are seeming pretty small for someone who doesn’t suffer from any of them – are just feeling great!

Lots of problems which seemed isolated are now going away and I never connected them to the common cause (in this case it’s pretty obvious candida is the culprit).

Good luck to you and don’t give up no matter how bad it feels or how difficult it is to revolve your life around what you eat and living through the die-off symptoms.