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Able900 wrote: Thomas, the probiotics, kefir, yogurt, and sauerkraut are responsible for building a healthy flora (communities of beneficial bacteria) in your system, and one of the main functions of the flora is to produce all of the B vitamins that your body needs in the correct amounts. Only during the highlight of the treatment is taking individual vitamins sometimes found to be useful.

Vitamin B-12 is also known as cobalamin.

Here’s a food chart with the most notable foods containing B12.

B6, also known as pyridoxine; below is the chart showing the most notable food sources.

Still, the best and highest quality source is from probiotics.


Thank you Able, this will help me to find out what to eat. The fear and problem I find is that my guts might not absorb the nutritions because of a leaky gut condition and I am lacking B12. Having these nervous stresses running through my body. The histamine overproduction diet doesnt allow me to eat yoghurt with probiotics. I dont know why and what should be wrong with probiotics in that case.

It is a interesting fox trap I am in. I believe that candida infestation created a leaky gut, the leaky gut gives me a problem to use all the vitamines and minerals I need specially the B6 and B 12 group. The histamine overproduction is directly related to the candida. But I cant fight both at the same time, I have to get the histamine levels down and a low histamine diet is in many ways contradictional to the candida diet. I can have milk and honey, but I cant have Kefir and yoghurt.
The reason is the fermentation. Fermentation is good for fighting candida, like sauerkraut is great but sauerkraut is one of the biggest histamine pusher there is. One with old ripe cheese, red wine and not so fresh fish.

How should I mount that confused horse for battle Able?

I want to get rid of the histamine crazyness but I too want to get rid of the candida?

To give you a picture of the diet and the situation I am in read here:

Very good and important movie about food and what it can do.

all the best