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Vegan Catlady
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There is evidence to support some of what this author says.
There is also evidence to support that the authors diet choices are equally harmful for various reasons.

Note that most the people on this forum follow a stricter than average diet, some for several years, some for the rest of their lives.
How many people say, “Im candida free, and can eat ANYTHING I want now. Just had a chocolate bar. Life is good.”
My point is not that you would naturally choose a candy bar for your lunch, but that if you wanted one you are not going to suffer for that choice.

What this tells me is that following The Candida diet, which tells you to repopulate the gut with good bacteria when you feel you have reduced candida numbers, helps you to feel better, but does nothing to eliminate the cause of recurrence.

So what is the cause if it is not obvious?

Well, in my research most of these fungal infections start with antibiotic use. Maybe not all, but definitely MOST.
Living the stress of not knowing WHY you dont feel well afterwards, coupled with ANY stress that may be going on in your life,added to the COST of seeing so many doctors that dont acknowledge candida as an issue, serves to deplete your adrenals drastically.

Every glandular system is connected to another. You dont see thyroid issues that dont also have parathyroid/pituitary/adrenal/kidney/hormone issues. And every combination of that.
Depleted system means candida is the boss of you.

If you google/research the adrenals, there is evidence to support that most people’s adrenals are shriveled little raisins,lol, and that restricting fruit will adversely affect endocrine functions.
The addition of fruit, rest, herbs that support the adrenals have been shown to rejuvenate the adrenals, which will affect your blood sugar,hormones, and with this, affect your ability to fight candida NATURALLY without the addition of antifungals and restrictive diets.

Since most people cannot/will not adhere to an endocrine/gland cleaning diet for a few months (consists of eliminating animal products and eating mostly fruit), it is natural to go the route of The Candida Diet, which isnt far from the popular paleo fad that is going on anyway.

In response to your question, I havent found any studies supporting the theory that low carb/no sugar diets promote candida virulence….I was told there is a German study out there that I cannot find.

Patterns only suggest that long-term restriction along with anti-fungals create a virulent fungus that the body can nolonger rid on its own.
Not that eating sugar helps,but allowing fruits and some veggies may encourage over-all immune support.