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I just want to encourage you! I am on week 2 of the diet after doing the cleanse for 10 days. I’m not symptom free by any means, but I know what I am doing is best for me. There are all kinds of storys on this sight, some people are going to be ahead of you some behind, but all the stories are helpful.
I know it is hard to eat right, not to mention expensive. I am a stay at home mom and I find it hard to fill myself only with the foods on the diet, but I really think that it is worth it, although in the short time it is probably going to get worse.
The thing I’ve learned the most about as someone mentioned before is self control. It is not a natural to have self control, it is a self discipline. I have had so many people say to me oh I just couldn’t do that. It basically comes down to what are you willing to do without to feel good.
We are a society that likes quick fixes. Ridding yourself of candida is not going to be a quick thing, but putting more pharmacueticals in your body isn’t going to fix anything either. It will probably just cause another problem that you will have to take another pill to fix.
It is time we realize that there are no quick fixes to disease.

Stick with it. The people on this sight are great. And raster and able have put in so much time to help us all get healthy. It would take a lot more surfing the web to find the information you want, but you can just come here and ask, and get feed back almost immediately. It is awesome!