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chausse112 wrote: Javizy- I thought Ashwaghanda was more of a relaxant type supplement. My intent was for stress and sleep. My stress is high and do not sleep well. I don’t know where my cortisol levels stand but I would imagine they are within normal limits since I did have a CBC done earlier this year.

Bacteria in the small intestine? Would that be common with Candida? How would one know if they had bacteria there?

If your tests are okay, then you could try ashwaghanda. Many people report benefits in regard to stress.

Small intestinal problems are similar to IBS, and they may even be one and the same. Bloating above the naval, especially after eating anything with fibre, and symptoms soon after eating are signs. You’d probably know already if this was a problem. I just mentioned it because any starch could be a problem in this case.