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I had the same rash, though not as bad, 2 years ago, and it lasted several months. I’ve had this bout of it since September of last year. It was at its worst right before I found out about this diet. This is the best it’s looked in several months. A lot of the spots look like ringworm, but the biggest patches expanded and now cover a large portion of each limb. It used to ooze all the time off and on, but had stopped after starting this diet for the most part. Yesterday it started oozing terribly, all night and most of today. It’s tapered down some now, but it’s still oozing enough to stick to any shirt I wear over it. I live in the northern US, so not much is in season here right now. I read on a few websites that a little bit of berries was still good to have because of the antioxidants, and I did test them before I ate them. I’m used to eating a lot of fruit (I’m a mostly raw vegan), so this is pretty hard.

I have a lot of other die off symptoms – chills, flu symptoms, tired, brain fog, etc – so I assume the oozing is probably the same thing and will go away in the next day or 2, but if there’s anything I can do to make it stop, I will do it. Stress is probably still feeding it some, but I can’t help that – between this diet, job stress and a leak in my roof caused by an ice dam which is now ruining the drywall on the ceiling…. my life is very stressful at the moment. I’m doing the best I can, but it’s challenging.

I sort of feel like these past 3 weeks only killed off a tiny bit of the yeast, and it wasn’t until I cut out the rice that it really spiked and started working.