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M wrote: Thanks for the link Thomas. I’ll read through it and then reply further if anything still puzzles me. My current diet consists of two natural, plain yoghurts for breakfast, or a slice of coconut bread (though the flour contains a gram of sugar), and for lunch a green salad with olive oil/lemon juice and sometimes with tomatoes or a boiled egg/brown rice cracker. For dinner I rotate between chicken, eggs, or brown rice with some veggies. I usually pan-fry rather than bake but will start to use the oven a bit more now.

I’m taking a probiotic, oregano oil, coconut oil, and candida clear tabs. It’s been almost two weeks now. Am I on the right track at least?

check that the coconut flour you bake with is hundred percent organic and free from sugar. Keep the tomatoes as test item for stage 2. The same with the brown rice cracker. Have your intake of protein mainly from organic eggs, these you can have every day. Keep your meat intake to twice a week wild caught lax or organic chicken.

How is your die-off? How are your sympthoms clearing up?