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Hi Raster

When someone looks at your profile they will see two buttons – one that says PM and one that says EMAIL.

– If they click PM then they can send a private message to your forum inbox.
– If they click EMAIL then their message will be sent direct to your email, but without them ever seeing your actual email address.

I understand how it can be confusing as their email will appear to have come directly from their hotmail/yahoo/gmail account. This is because the software adds their address to the header of the email. However they will actually only see your email address if you reply to them.

There is a way for me to disable the EMAIL button and force everyone to use PMs instead. The only problem is that this is a top-level function that will apply to all users – I can’t apply it individually.

I obviously don’t have access to members’ PMs and emails so I have no way to tell how much each one is being used. If a few more members agree with you then I would be happy to do this.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
Please let me know if you use the EMAIL button regularly, or if you would be happy to see it disappear.


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