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I tried homeopathic eye drops and those seemed to sooth my eyes but did not help the problem. So I switched to homeopathic dry eye drops and that seems to have helped more but I can’t solve the problem with my bottom lid. Since March I have been doing warm compresses on my eyes every night,and while that seems to help, it also does not completely alleviate the problem. I had another chalazion appear right at the beginning of March after I had been outside a lot and my other eye got a few sore, itchy places along the eyelash line. I work outside a lot so I am willing to believe that this is due to allergies somewhat but it has been an ongoing problem for several years. It used to only happen when I fell asleep with my makeup on or cried a lot. If I didn’t do the warm soaks, I am sure that they would progress to more styes and/or chalazion.

I am thinking about going to the eye doctor to see if they have any way of determining if you have ocular rosacea but I am betting that they don’t. Nikki, how in the world did you get a doc to prescribe diflucan for 6 months? When I used to have vaginal yeast infections, it was all I could do to get prescribed three from my doctor. At this point, I would love to try diflucan, if this is indeed causing problems with my eyes, but I just don’t see how any doctor would prescribe that much diflucan for me. Isn’t it bad for your liver? I am of course, worried about the way this looks and my vision as well…

Healinglight, I am wondering also if my eyes are reacting to the heat, bumps seems to come up more in the heat, but this can also be the case with ocular rosacea so not sure what to do on that front…I wouldn’t use steroid drops unless you have to, prolonged use can cause cataracts.

Raster, I am sure that you know about this, but there is a homeopathic eye drop for computer eye relief as well.

Ruffian, I have had lots of floaters as well for a long time. I have a bit of crud in the eye that is worse every morning. Yes, that does make sense, but I don’t know what to do. I am really scared about putting anything in my eyes. I had a week where it was almost completely better and I thought I was on the right track again, and then it got bad… I don’t mind doing all the self-care but it just doesn’t seem to be helping like it used to.

Thanks for all the answers. Has anyone else asked an eye doctor about this? Or had any other experiences? I would much rather it be yeast than ocular rosacea as there is no cure for that.