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I second what sue is saying. For me, I had such bad leaky gut that I had hardcore reactions to almond butter for about the first 6 months of the diet. I would basically get a major burn symptom throughout my body, accompanied by headache, ringing ears, and bloodshot eyes. I didn’t react to stuff on the foods list. Its like night vs. day in how you will feel without the items that cause you trouble.

I also didn’t make much progress the first 4 months when I consumed large amounts of sunflower seeds. Once I quit them I felt a ton better. Sunflower seeds are higher in mold content when compared to almonds in my opinion and the molds benefit the yeast. This is why dried items shouldn’t be eaten like raisins, beans, (coffee), fruits, apricots, pepperoni, etc. The longer a food item sits in the air, the more mold it’ll contain. This is why fresh is best!

If you soak the nuts in water, and/or roast them, this will remove most of the mold. This is the only safe way to go in my opinion. Keep in mind that roasting reduces their nutritional properties.