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To answer your questions:

1) I’d get the candida immune complex test from genova diagnostics. They also have a test called the stool effects test. These two tests combined with prior antibiotic use can lead to a positive diagosis. Also, I would consider getting your allergies tested to see if you are allergic to candida, because if you are this explains everything…Dr. Mcoombs feels that anyone who has ever taken antibiotics has a gut flora imbalance; antibiotis stands for against life and destroys both the good and bad bacteria in the gut.

2) Check out this candida symptoms list:

I think you likely have some other bugs growing in your gut such as in your pancreas, small intestine, etc. I would look into h. pylori and small intestinal bacteria overgrowth which is similar to candida in symptoms, but just a different type of parasite. Everone also has parasites, so this should be considered as well; we all have candida and parasites, just at different levels.

4) I would consider healing your liver before starting the candida diet because you likely will have a tough experience; a naturopath can help do this effectively.

5) Headaches are tied to inflammation of the brain which is tied to inflammation of the gut. If you reduce the inflammation of the gut by doin an anti-inflammatory diet with anti-inflammatory supplements, you likely will completely reduce your migraines. Additionally, a naturopath can prescribe stuff for your migraines that doesn’t come from western medicine.

6) I would transition to something such as green tea before switching to completely non-caffeinated drinks because this could be a tough transition…coffee is inflammatory and thus contributes to your headaches.

In regards to your symptoms:

1) Likely caused by candida or yeast. You could have food allergies (aka leaky gut) and thus you are eating foods you are allergic to and so you get the tongue symptom.

2) Bloating is caused by poor digestion and unchewed food particles fermenting in the gut. If you improve your digestion, this should reduce. The HCL can likely reduce this as well as bugs growin in places they should not:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

4, 5, 6): Likely tied to not having a galbladder; if your liver and kidneys are damaged, this could be a reason as well. The diarrea is likely related to parasites, h.pylori, or SIBO.

7) Gas is related to digestion and low stomach acids (see 2 above)

8) Rashes are caused by the body not detoxing via its normal methods. The body detoxes in 3 basic ways, via the skin, via the bowels, and via the lungs. If one of the methods doesn’t work, it’ll cause you detox via a different method such as via the skin.

9/10) Could be tied to nutritional deficiencies (caused by candida). I would get your vitamins and mineral levels tested to see what you are deficient in; your body is hungry because it isn’t getting what it needs…