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I have tried using some forms of probiotics. About a year ago I bought a box of Culturelle after I had read something online that it might help burning tongue syndrome

The popular type brands of Probiotic typically have low levels of flora (10 Billion or less). When repairing gut flora It’s recommended usually around 50 – 450 billion a day. To find a High Probiotic count brand, you will likely have to go to a vitamin shoppe/Health food store. You can usually find these brands being refrigerated.

Is a naturopath the same thing as a kinesiologist, btw?

I believe a kinesiologist works more with fitness and movement. Not sure how much they would know about chronic digestive issues/infections/Candida. But it never hurts to ask.

I don’t supplement with electrolytes. Actually, I avoid all drinks. My only fluids are my morning coffee, and then my 20+ 24oz tumblers of water a day

Anybody who understands digestion will probably tell you to stop drinking coffee. It may be OKAY for some people but should be avoided by most, especially with digestive complaints. I myself had to give my daily espresso for now!

Electrolytes DO come in none sugary forms. Ultima Replenisher is a great product sweetened with Stevia. The IS maltodextrin (NON-GMO from rice) in this product which is typically a no-no for candida sufferers. However the benefits may outway that if you DO in fact have low electrolytes. Check on-line for these as im sure there are a few other good brands.

I can’t imagine ever being dehydrated after the amount of water I drink in a day

It may take more then water to be hydrated. There are electrolytes tests(from blood usually) as well as others you should look at getting.

Also, read and research on-line as much as you can. This forum has a great deal of helpful information. Keep asking questions and you will find out a lot of us are going through similar situations.