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hope4eva77;33213 wrote: i plannd on rotating garlic acv coconut oil and sf722 ,now that i cant get sf722 and have no idea when it will be in stock ,what antifungals are best ?

The main ingredient in SF722 is Undecenoic Acid; this is the reason you take it. Coconut oil is full of undecenoic acid with the added benefits of both caprylic acid and lauric acid plus needed calories. So you can still get your daily undecenoic acid by continuing to take coconut oil, and you can increase the amount you take in order to obtain more of the acid. You don’t have to alternate coconut oil with anything because the Candida can’t adapt to it.

I wouldn’t take too much of the ACV because it has the ability to destroy the beneficial bacteria along with the Candida.