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Hope;2423 wrote:
Tricky thing is, some people think kidney stones can be brought on by a diet high in oxalates. Wish I had paid a little more attention to those things before my kidney went and got stones! Turns out I’ve been regularly consuming some of the absolute highest oxalate foods – buckwheat, spinach, peppers, and almonds. “Regularly”, as in *daily*. So, in addition to the ACD, now I’m working toward a LOD (low oxalate diet). Missing the buckwheat and the almonds is killer for me. The only grain I have left is wild rice and NO nuts or seeds :/ At least until this resolves a bit – then I’m sure I’ll have them in moderation.

I am also highly prone to kidney stones. The important candida diet protocol requires green vegetables. I’ve been adhering to this diet by consuming kale, zucchini, beet greens, green beans, snow peas, broccoflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts baby lettuce and herb greens. Along with almond butter and buckwheat, I’m pretty sure that I consume a SIGNIFICANT amount of oxalates on a daily basis! My hope is, that I drink enough fluids to keep the oxalates moving out.

Are there any ‘candida diet’ safe suggestions for removing the oxalates from the kidneys while ingesting our lovely greens? Or are our selections of ‘candida starving’ vegetables getting narrowed down to just a few items in order to create a low oxalate diet?