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Good day to you all.

Thanks to all of your posts, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself this morning, even more so than when I made the post last night. Each word of your kind statements of congratulations are a testimony in itself to the type of people I am addressing each time I post a message, and I can’t tell you how pleasant a feeling that gives me.

If I may, allow me to remind you that, during the treatment, and after an initial mistake of thinking I could introduce new foods much too quickly, I was more determined and dedicated to the strict diet than I had ever been about the food I was eating. Once I decided precisely what my diet was going to be, I did not stray even once. I know that will sound next to impossible for some readers, but you can do it as well if you just tell yourself that’s what you’re doing each day. Yes, you’ll receive some strange looks now and then, and perhaps like myself you’ll cause a few people to become a bit irritated by your decision, but the people who love you will eventually understand that your body is truly unhealthy, that you are suffering, and those people will want you to cure yourself for your own sake.

I believe that one more day of the ‘test diet’ may have been too much for me, and I could possibly have caused some negative consequences which I certainly do not want, and I do not by any means suggest that anyone else test themselves in this manner. I will explain the reason I wanted to do this; I went at the test the same way I did the treatment, with both guns blazing as we say here in the US because I “had” to prove to myself that I had completed my treatment with the protocol we recommend here on the forum. Not only did I have to prove the success of the treatment to myself, but I also needed to prove it to each of you as I am sure that you occasionally have doubts about the outcome, and I would like to see each of you do away with those doubts as I believe the doubts are detrimental to the sucess of your treatment. I’ve mentioned the following fact on the forum before, and I will continue to do so:

We create our reality in our minds first; only then do the actual physical transformations unfold.

Take care my friends and keep your wisdom close; I hope to be present when each one of you makes the same announcement here on the forum.

Sincerely, Able