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The first message was posted here almost six weeks ago. Since completing the cleanse that I spoke of, I’ve added a few more items that I intend to keep on my diet.

I usually have a glass a wine over the weekend. I never drank hard liquor often anyway, so this isn’t a loss I can’t live with, although I plan to add an occasional beer to my diet eventually.

I’ve continued to have dried beans every day – unless I have fish or chicken.

I now add mayonaise to my coleslaw. I have to admit it, the ACV mustard was alright added to the slaw, but it really couldn’t replace mayo.

I still enjoy a bag of those millet and flax seed chips that I’ve mentioned every day as a snack.

I’m not a big cheese lover, but pimento cheese is another matter; I started eating this again about a week ago. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten how delicious that concoction was. I’m still eating it on almost a daily basis by the way. It’s fantastic as a dip for the millet chips.

I returned to eating out at least five times a week, so of course this means eating unknown additives and foods that I wouldn’t normally have at my home (and shouldn’t). And of course most restaurants (at least in the USA) sprinkle sugar in many of their dishes such as coleslaw and any tomato dish.

I never have bread, rolls or cornbread (blah), but I have a weakness for foods such as fried okra, jalapeno poppers, fried oysters, popcorn shrimp and Cajun white fish. Of course these all require breading, and the breading unfortunately is basically made from white flour (Lucy is gonna berate me for this, I can feel it already).