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tpain wrote: Jorge,

If someone is doing the enemas without nystatin, should we hold our last enema overnight as well?

Have you started to introduce any foods that are not part of a candida diet?

How long should each enema be held?

Of course, NO. The retention enema is to hold the medication inside and allow it to work. You don’t need to hold water inside.
Do water enemas only. They will work. Candida colonies are on the mucus layer that protect the colon walls. They can not resist a tsunami every day or every other day inside the colon. They will be pushed out by the water. Candida don’t have any solid way to stick inside when a growth river is coming out. There is another interesting point about water. The colon is an anaerobic place ( no or few oxygen), and inside the biofilms, is also anaerobic. Medicine has identified that candida albicans is at least 4 times more resistant to antifungals when it lives in an anaerobic environment. The water is very rich in oxygen so it may help to counteract it.

Moreover, candida biofilm matrix is mostly glucose that is water soluble. May the water help to disrupt it and uncover the cells ?? May be.

Regarding to your friendly flora, don’t worry a bit. I have been doing enemas using around 3/4 of gallon of water almost every day for months. If enemas are washing out my flora, I am the first man in this world that will be happy to live without the friendly flora because I feel fantastic, totally normal as I was before this nightmare happened to me. Don’t believe in myths.