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Hi Able!! Buzzing here after a hugely successful shopping trip… got all the essentials including coconut flour so will be baking up a storm pretty soon! Thanks so much for your advice on all the other bits. Just a couple more questions and I’ll leave you alone to enjoy “the lake” (did I spot on another post you had a lakehouse?! How idyllic!)

*I found buckwheat crispbread!!! Nearly kissed the man in the shop (but he wasn’t my type!) so please please please tell me they’re ok – ingredients are Wholewheat buckwheat flour 98.5%, sea salt 1.5%

*Also I found Pumpkin Seed Butter – organic roasted pumpkin seeds, organic sunflower oil, sea salt – what do you think? Would be great on my Coconut bread with some garlic… yummy!

*Also just spotted that there’s Maltodextrin in my Apple Cider Vinegar tabs?! Disgusted… am I right in thinking I’m taking the wrong one?

Right… I’m off to cook hubbie a ribeye with peppercorn sauce… while I enjoy my salad and roasted veg!

Thanks again for all your help!