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IBSguy wrote:

I have been dealing with thrush for past 9 months. Mostly gone after 3 months…but not completely gone yet. I follow the strict diet you get from Able900 ask him in a PM. Doc’s will not help me at all….this diet has been a huge life savor for me. Best of luck.

Also look under oil pulling. That was a big life savor too 🙂


Do you happen to have any pics of what ur thrush looked like? I have white spots on the bottom of my tongue that hurt, a nigher spot on the bottom of my mouth that hurts, and my cheek that is swollen and hurts. I have to swish with lidocaine just to eat. I haven’t been diagnosed with Candida but I suspect that’s what it is. The oral problems I have been back having is what really tipped me off. Oh and my dry persistent cough. Sometimes I can barely eat! In fact I haven’t ate for 3 days because my mouth is so sore AND I have been having diarrhea from IBS!!! How the hell did I even get this? ;'( Wahhh … Lol ok pity part time

Sorry I didn’t respond. I have been kind of out of commission. I went to Mayo Clinic and had surgery (unrelated to Candida). However, while there I wanted someone to see me for this thrush that seems to have been going for 9 months. After i tood the nystatin my mouth really cleared up. I found much comfort and healing from oil pulling as well as drinking Kefir and eating greek yogurt. I found it interesting that you too had a bad cough. That is what took me to the Dr who in turn gave me antibiotics that set me into this tailspin. I can tell you that when I stray from diet it comes back. Not full throttle but in bits burning in back of throat and on my tongue.

At Mayo Clinic during my surgery when they were knocking me out and putting breathing tube in they found white splotches/ plaque on vocal chords. Woo Hoo. Finally someone found something. They went to get ENT but they couldn’t do too much since I had tube down throat. I’m heading back next week and hope to have some answers. I guess I want you to be careful because mine seemed gone and it comes back…probably because it was living in my vocal chords and I too have only had idiots for doctors that look at me and send me somewhere else or say they have no idea.

Stay strong. I’ll let you know what I find out.